Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Procrastinating -- the eco conscious way

I should be working on an application which is due tomorrow, but I want the offered position so much it's scary to actually apply. Even to start writing the letter as once it's sent you can't go back and chance anything, can't regret anything, and it's so daunting. I want it so much -- and therefore I'll also be so sad if I don't get picked (no, I'm not telling just, not just because the odds are against me!).

Anyway, the way a creative person deals with these problems is... yes, of cause, by procrastinating! In this case, I'm sorting old clothes for my rag rug project. The clothes have already been culled when I did a wardrobe spring clean, basically it's clothes that are in too bad a condition to mend in a good way. Cheap clothes aren't always as easy to mend as the quality of the fabric is so bad and some of my clothes are so old, the fabric is worn down too much by now.

I sort them into four piles: t-shirt materials, cotton, cat prints and the rest. The t-shirts will become tarn for a crochet rug and the cotton might be used for locker hooking as it's a technique I want to try. When it comes to cat fabrics and cat prints, I want to save at least a few scraps as, you know... cats. The rest, I don't know what to do with yet.

As for why I'm making a rug, it's mainly because I don't want to spend money on bedroom rugs as they will inevitably be peed or barfed on by the cats. We have even had poo accidents. And I don't want to pay money for a rug that'll might end up being ruined in a few weeks. This way, I get the material free and I don't pay myself for labour. Sure, it won't be fun seeing a cat puking on a rug I've spent days making, but better than than seeing it happen to a rug that cost me hard-earned cash.

Also, recycling is green. I mean, mending clothes so you don't have to buy new ones are greener, but once you can't do that anymore you must of cause put the rags to use somewhere. Some rags I use for cleaning my floor, others become craft materials -- these rags will become rugs.

The application? Don't worry, there's still time -- there's a reason I sat down today like it was deadline day and not tomorrow. I'll finish it in time, I just wish I could feel as confident that I have a chance at the position... *sigh* I really want this, but there are so many talanted people I'm competing with... It's better to focus on the rug for a while, try to forget worrying.

Yes, that is a cat in a night cap in the middle.


  1. I remember that feeling of wanting a position THAT much. Don't let it overwhelm you! Think instead how capable you are, how much you will bring to the job, and how CRAZY they would have to be to miss the chance of hiring you :)

    Of course, your cats may prefer you spending your energy making them a rug. Or they may not care (probably not, if they are anything like MY cats *TeeHee*)

    Best of luck anyway, Kristina!

    1. Thanks, Monique! I think we all have experienced not getting a position that we want so much and I'm no exception (remember jobs where I've competed with hundreds of applicants). After sending it in, I kind of relaxed, trying not to think of what'll happen next, if they'll call me up or not.

      As far as the cats are concerned, they'd probably be the most happy if I just tossed the t-shirts etc in a pile in front of the radiator (or now as it's getting warmer, somewhere the sun shines in).

      The sorting is done, now I just hope to find matching colours. "Worst case scenario" I might have to supplement with Zpagetti (the yarn, not the pasta) or something. Or dye it as some of the tees are either white or lightly coloured.


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