Friday, 25 June 2010

Happy Midsummer's Eve!

Summer solstice was this Monday (21st), which means that today is Midsummer's eve. Midsummer was originally celebrated on the day of the summer solstice, in a celebration of the longest day of the year (and there fore the midsummer as opposite the midwinter). Midsummer Eve in Sweden, however, is nowadays celebrated on a Friday between June 19 and 25.

While I won't dance around any Maypoles or get drunk -- nor pick flowers for that matter -- I will spend this day peacefully eating some yummy new potatoes with matjes (soused herring) and sourcream. I only eat it once a year and I've been longing so for it! No midsummer's eve is complete without it. And I hope the strawberries have ripened so they're plump and sweet despite the cold days this spring. Because one does need strawberries in cream on Midsummer.

Whether you celebrate this day or not, I wish you all a happy midsummer!

These pics are from May so not strictly midsummer flowers. But pretty notheless -- and they do still blossom. As kids, these were one of the flowers my sis and I would pic for the flower wrethes we would wear during the day and to decorate the maypole with.

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