Monday, 14 June 2010

While the lilacs are wilting

The weather's been rather, uhm, un-summery lately. Windy, cold and rainy. And when the weather's been nice, I've been workning in the potatoe fields. Meaning I haven't had the opportunity to photograph much lately. And to top it all of, I've got a bunch of old pics that I've meant to post here, but with things being the way they are I haven't had the energy (and sometimes not the time). Not sure whether to post them later or just leave it be, seeing how they're "old" by now.

And I was going to do a post about it being "between bird cherry and lilac" right now. But, alas, the lilacs have begun to bloom -- and already even begun to wilt. Between bird cherry and lilac (mellan hägg och syren) is a short, intense period in deed...

Today, I went to the beach with my sis as we happened to be nearby, cleaning a summer cabin before the tourists arrive. So hopefully I'll add some pics of the Bjäre shoreline tomorrow. Today I've just got a few pics of our pink columbines/aquilegias.

Many of the pics are taken from the above. Because I was lazy that day and in a hurry. But I hope you can see how pretty these flowers are even "von oben".

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