Wednesday, 16 June 2010

View from a stable window

As some of you know, I've had a famous "next-door" neighbour and not too long ago her home was turned into a museum dedicated to her life and person, the Birgit Nilsson Museum. Before the museum opened the closest neighbours and relatives were invited to a pre-opening party in mid-May. We took quite a few pics of the inside of the restored buildings. Not just for keeping as a memory (we do remember how it looked before the farm was turned into a museum), but also to show our dad who was too ill to attend.

These two pics are ones I took from inside the old stable, which has now been turned into a café. We sat at a table eating rhubarb cake and I looked out the window, thinking it might make a nice photo. Or, if nothing else, I'd get a pic of the stable windows. I love this type of arched old windows.

I used my sister's camera and it was only yesterday I happened to "re-discover" these pics. What almost looks like a pillar on the left side is the corner of a cabinet, standing bewteen our table and the window. Think it was a pot or round vase on top of it.


  1. Wow, I didn't know. I love opera. And surprise surprise: I've been there! Visiting Denmark we couldn't resist a short trip to Sweden incl. this beautiful home and farm museum. Now I know excactly where your farm is located. Best regards to your Dad, I hope he has recovered well after his last operation and has been able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape surrounding your his home.

    1. How fun to hear! Then you've seen some of the landscape in many of my photos too. If you'd been lucky, you could've spotted some of our cats (or one of the other nearby neighbours' cats). Many of our cats have been there during the years while Birgit was still alive. Bertil used to be a vet student and Birgit was a big time catlover. As they only stayed here in periods, they didn't have any cats here of their own so they didn't mind having the neighbours' cats turn up, begging for treats (and keeping the barns free from mice, rats and voles).

      Dad is recovering well. Not sure if there'll be another op to alleviate the obstruction, which has partially disappeared on its own, but the blood count etc still have to improve some more still before it's decided on.


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