Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bead blog recap weeks 44-45

Well, once again I'm back to posting recaps every forthnight instead of weekly. A week just seems to pass by so fast and sometimes I don't write more than five posts a week. So I'll go back to posting these recaps every other weekend and see how it works, if I forget to write or if the posts get too long.

So, anyway, what's happened these last two weeks? Several tips on challenges and contests, techniques spanning from filet beading and rosette bead embroidery to engraving, how to make organza flowers, what shellac is used for and more.

Filet beading
Filet beading is an off-loom beadweaving technique by Ann Benson that imitates filet crochet.

Shellac is used for many things. Jewellers use it as an alternative to glue when finishing knotted pearl necklaces and it can also be used on brass and other metals to prevent oxidation and verdigris.

Bead Mavens challenge
Bead Maven has announced their first challenge, to make a piece of wearable art inspired by the theme: Ice Queen. Read more about the ice queen challenge here.

String Art Necklace
Make jewellery components from string, shaped on jigs inspired by string art. A fun project.

Dreamcatcher-inspired jewellery
How to make jewellery -- mostly necklaces and pendants -- inspired by the dreamcatchers first made by the ojibwa indians. In wire as well as string and leather.

Rosette applique beading
How to do a type of circular bead embroidery, mostly associated with North-American indians. Includes links to templates as well as tutorials on the technique.

Aventurine -- spelled without a d -- is a type of quartz named after a glimmering glass by the same name. It can be found in bead shops in different colours such as green -- most common -- purple, blue and brown.

Bead crochet a schmoo
A schmoo is a fun fantasy creature by Lydia Borin, which you create in bead crochet.

Organza flowers with melted edges
How to make a type of fabric flowers sometimes called burnt organza flowers. Same technique can be used for other synthetic fabrics that melt when heated.

Challenges from Frost08 and Art Bead Scene
The November challenge from Art Bead Scene Blog is centred around the Klimt painting Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze. Read more about it here. Swedish bead shop FrostNollåtta is also having a challenge with a romantic theme.

You can engrave in several different ways, using traditional gravers or modern pneumatic gravers as well as using electric handheld engraving pens or micro motors/dremels. If you have enough money, you might even use automatic engraving machines.

Anodized aluminum tags
Canadian chainmail specialist The Ring Lord have recently begun making and selling tags -- round or dog tags -- in anodized (= coloured) aluminum.

Wrapped necklaces and bracelets

How to make a bracelet or necklace by wrapping yarn or string around a core -- this is a type of bracelet I first learnt how to do in school (se pic below).

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