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Bead blog recap weeks 46-47

I feel like I'm not blogging much right now, perhaps partially as the sun sets so early and that leaves the computer/laundry room rather dark and dreary. It almost drains my energy sometimes with the dark wallpapers and small window (facing north). But, anyway, I hopefully will get in the mood to blog again soon. And today I got to give you the latest recap of the writings on Manekis Pärlblogg. From van Gogh glass to odd types of jewellery.

Unusual types of jewellery
There are many types of jewellery for different parts of the body, from the most common (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) to the somewhat lesser used but still wellknown (e.g. piercings in various body parts). And then there are people who seek make more unusual jewellery, like elbow decorations or beaded eyelash jewellery.

Destashing again
As I mentioned on this blog earlier, I'm destashing again. Click on the banner in the column to the right to read more about it.

Pewter castings -- no loops, but many possibilities
Rings & Things is selling some pretty cast pewter focal pieces. They don't have any loops or holes, but since pewter is so soft it's easy to drill your own holes. You can also manipulate them somewhat. Or why not solder (using tin solder), glue, colorize, stamp, engrave or in other ways personalize them and use in your work?

Nobel banquet jewellery contest
Swedish bead shop Sirlig has announced a new beading contest where you should make a piece of jewellery worthy of the Nobel banquet.

Shop, link, review, show & tell -- many ways to win free beads

There are several ways to win or earn free beads. I often mention design contests and giveaways, but there are also many other ways. Shops, bead makers and bloggers offer gift certificates and beads if you in some way do something for them. Like review their products, publish a pic of jewellery made from their products, link to them etc. Some shops have drawings from orders costumers made and others draw random winners from newsletter lists. Shops sometimes also have contests and quiz where you can win without having to design and make something.

Stone tumbler -- not just for stones
A tumbler can be used to smooth and polish stones, regular gravel as well as real gems. But this is a more versatile machine that some know. You can use it to make tumbled glass ("faux sea glass"), smooth sharp edges on glass or broken china, give a soft finish to ceramic beads and pendants, sand polymer clay beads, polish and work-harden metal -- including metal clay -- and finish a LoS patina.

Craft contests
Mostly, I mention contests aimed at jewellery makers and beaders, but don't forget that many craft contests also may be of interest for beaders. Like the christmas ornament contest by ICA and christmas craft idea contest by Creativ Company.

Christmas contest from Sparklingdesign
Swedish bead shop Sparklingdesign is hosting a design contest on the theme Christmas, Advent and Lucia. Must include at least one red bead.

Bead a penguin
Beaded penguins can be very cute. Here is a few links to penguin-themed bead projects, free and for a fee.

New Bead Soup Party
Lori Anderson is hosting a new Bead Soup Party -- read more about it on her blog.

New date on Vintaj December challenge
The new date for the last monthly challenge this year is Dec. 3. The theme is Traditional Christmas.

Misan's Wonder and Lacy's Stiff Stuff
Misan's and Lacy's are two types of backing used to embroider beads on. Both are nonwoven synthetic felt materials, but there are a few differences such as Misan's being sold in different colours and being made from two layers of materials unlike the white-only "single ply" Stiff Stuff. Also explains what Ultrasuede is.

Bronze is a name given many types of alloys, some not even including the signature metal, tin. In findings, bronze and antique bronze is sometimes used as a descriptive name. Apart from that, you can find red bronze, which is brass, as well as the not-at-all-bronze alloy white bronze.

Angel bear
Japanese bead shops Kiwa and Parts Club have patterns for making beaded clothes and accessories to keychain teddy bears. This Christmas pattern is of a red dress with angel wings on the back.

Van Gogh glass

Van Gogh glass is a lovely art glass: glue chips are applied to clear glass and dried, which result in fern-, feather- or frost-like patterns, then coated with metallic paints.

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