Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Van gogh glass

Friday and Monday I've got some fun mail. The result of spending my birthday money on a few small orders. Yesterday I got scales and anodized aluminum tags from Canada and a few bits and bobs from the UK. Last week I got this. Van gogh glass mosaic tiles.

I've been meaning to buy van gogh glass for ages, it feels like. I think it looks gorgeous with those lovely rime-like patterns. The pattern is the result of applying glue chips on clear glass and then cover it with metallic paint in one or several different colours. This does make the back of the glass somewhat delicate and it's a pretty boring dark grey/black colour. But it's a lovely glass, even if you do have to be more careful when working with it compared to e.g. stained glass where the colour is inside the glass.

My tiles are 1x1,5". Not sure how I'll use them yet, but I thought that'd be a useful size and shape so I asked the seller if she could cut them like that. Perfect for a pendant, really: not too large, but still big enough for the pattern of the glass to really show.

Only downside... Now I'm temped to buy more coloured and patterned (art) glass... This could get expensive... There are so much lovely glass if you happen to find an art glass supplier. Glass is truely an amazing and diverse material!


  1. I'm afraid I don't really know what type of glass is used. Most clear float glass looks the same to me... I've never seen it stated that it is leaded glass/crystal, though.


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