Sunday, 14 November 2010

Vintaj November challenge entry

I haven't participated in the Vintaj blog challenges for ages, it feels like. But this Friday I sat down and told myself I just had to do something this time. The result was this bracelet, which I haven't named yet.

The theme of the challenge was wandering journey and at first I had a few very diparat ideas I mused over, but in the end I put them aside and instead found a new approach to the theme. For someone who's never been outside Scandinavia, what is the longest journey I've made? Apart from the usual strolls around here and the hikes in school, when do I wander the most? Well, in my dreams of cause. In dreams, everyone can travel far and wide. During night -- and sometimes also day -- we can make the most fantastic journeys and wander along magical paths. Not through the world outside, but the universe inside.

For the dreamy quality, the soft air of reverie, I choose to work with romantic "rose opal" tones. Pink is not a colour I use very often, but I've accumulated some light pink opalescent beads lately and they seemed perfect for this. I used picasso finish Czech glass beads, where the brownish finish blended well with the Vintaj brass components. The rows of dreamy beads and brass flowers are held by two swallows, birds that also fit the theme. Not just soaring high in the air, wandering freely above our heads, but also because of their annual great travels: migrating to Africa in autumn and returning to us here in the North again in spring/summer. They travel far and free -- like we can do in our dreams.

If you like this bracelet and want to vote for it, you find the poll here. Votes are always very appreciated. Don't forget to check out the other lovely entries as well. Unfortunatly, it's one one vote per person so you can just vote for one of your favourites. Last day to vote is 19 November.

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