Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 4-5

Time again for yet another recap of my writings over at my other blog, the one I write in Swedish, Manekis Pärlblogg. You can use e.g. Google Translate to translate Swedish. Not perfect but it's good enough to understand the general idea. Most links go to English-speaking websites.

Patterned aluminium discs

Beaducation are now carrying a new range of aluminium discs in different patterns (in black) and sizes. Aluminium seems to be getting more and more widespread as beaders keep looking for un-plated alternatives to expensive silver.

In the year of the cat
According to Vietnamese astrology, we've now entered the year of the cat (in China and other countries, the year of the pig). Cats are beloved animals, not least among creative people. They also like beads...

Turning in flat herringbone
There are a few different methods for making turns in flat herringbone. Find the one that suits you and your design.

ABS February challenge
Art Bead Scene Blog has presented their latest monthly challenge. The artwork to be inspired by this time is Singer Sargent's Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.

Dorset button jewellery
Hate buttons? You still might like these versatile jewellery components as they don't look like traditional buttons. And you can even make them yourself.

Flowers among the buttons

If you like to work with acrylic/lucite flowers, don't forget to check out the button aisle. These lovely 3d flower buttons are from a bead shop. Amongst buttons, you can also find pretty, big MOP flowers as well as dimensional metal flowers.

Swarovski innovations spring/summer 2012
Latest colours and shapes from Swarovski revealed. How about Chrysolite Opal, Amethyst Blend, Topaz Blend and Crystal Bronze Shade? No less than five new hearts for those who love that.

Thing-a-day 2011
February means a month long challenge to excersize creativity daily for some.

Lockets for embroidery
On the blog Wild Olive, you can learn how to make pretty lockets with simple, small embroidered motifs inside.

Glass bubble charms

French bead shop Perles & Co now sells fun charms topped with magnifying glass cabochons.

Kate McKinnon's clasp for beadwoven jewellery

Kate McKinnon sells an interesting couple of clasps, designed for beadwoven jewellery. She also shows how you can make your own.

Herringbone starts
There are different methods for starting flat and tubular/circular herringbone, not just the ladder stitched strip that many of us first learnt.

Re-designing jewellery in style

Re-designing jewellery can be seen has part of two current trends in fashion: the vintage vogue and the eco chic/green fashion.

Why gold may discolour your skin
It happens to many, their gold jewellery turn their skin black. It's not a sign of allergy, but rather a mix of two factors: abrasion and the compounds in you skin's oils and perspiration.

Create abstract patterns using letter stamps
Letter stamps, especially those in fancy fonts, can be used not only to write on metal but to create abstract patterns and background textures.


  1. I had to check out your banner, looks awesome!

    That is a beautiful photo.

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it. That's one of my favourite pics, I think, taken after 10 PM in the middle of the summer and stitched together using Panorama Maker (it's made up of 3-4 photos). Finally I managed to integrate it in the header in a more natural way.

    For the rest of you: it was a post Heather made on her blog that got me testing photo editing for the new, updated header.


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