Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Flowers (a triadic colour scheme)

I really don't have much to say about these beads. Other than that I love to "collect" Czech and German pressed glass flower and leaf beads. There are so many shapes, colours and finishes to choose between and I love spending so much time online searching for something new, something different, some unusual.

Also, I like flowers the way someone who grew up with a garden-loving father that pointed out the flowers in the forest for his daughters do: I want to see individuality and different species, not just stereotypical five petal flowers or rose "swirls". Those archetypical run-of-the-mill flowers that are more ideas of a flower than actual interpretations of real or imagined species of flowers. Then it's not as cliché. Because that's why I tried to steer away from floral beads as a newbie. It felt like everyone used that, either floral-shaped beads or beads with flower (often rose) motifs). And it could be so dull. But when you give flower beads more of a personality and more natural look, it doesn't have to be. It feels alive and it feels, well, real.

This pic is one I took to illustrate what's know as a triadic colour scheme, using three colours on equal distanse from each other on the colour wheel. The ratio between the colours are important in these scheme, using one colour as base and the others as accents.

Oh, I see that I did have more to say about these than I thought...


  1. Me like too -very pretty! Ha en fin dag/ Eva

  2. lovely choices..great color mix!


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