Monday, 21 February 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 6-7

It's been a fortnight again so once again, here's a recap in English of my latest two weeks of blogging at Manekis pärlblogg.

Versatile jewellery
There are many ways to create jewellery that can be worn in more than one way: reversible bracelets and pendants, lariats, brooches with brooch converters, single-strand necklaces that turn into multi-strand jewellery, wrist watches with interchangeable bracelets and more.

Steel wool
Fine steel wool (size 0000 or 4/0) is used to clean and give metal a satin shine. Use it to enhance high points on oxidised/patinated metal or to apply wax on wood.

Bead Dreams 2011
The big jewellery exhibition and contest accepts entries for Bead Dreams 2011. Deadline is April 5. Accepted entries will be displayed at the Bead & Button show. Read more about it here.

Tibetan silver
What is tibetan silver, which is so common in base metal beads and findings? And is it safe, considering reports in previous years about lead an cadmium in Chinese-made jewellery parts?

Jasseron is the Dutch name for rolo chains. These can be used in a type of linked beaded bracelets and necklaces that became popular on Benelux bead forums a few years back. A bit like beaded chain maille, but using pre-made chains instead of loose jump rings.

DIY rhinestone chains
How to make rhinestone chains. English version can be found on this blog.

Swarovski Elements innovations spring/summer 2012
Topaz blend, astral pink, amethyst blend, chrysolite opal, crystal bronze shade and vintage gold pearl -- I've got pictures of them now, courtsey of Swarovski AG.

Fire Mountain Gems' Jewelry-Making Contests 2011

FMG has divided their design contest into individual contest on different themes. Read all about it for your chance to win gift certificates and a chance to be showcased internationally.

Sirlig design contest
Swedish bead shop Sirlig has announced their first contest this year.

Beads as knobs on boxes
Beads can be used for many things. I've already mentioned one project using them as feet for an altered tin/jewellery box. Panduro uses wooden beads as knobs on altered paper boxes.

Charm chains for quick jewellery project

I really like chains that come with small leaf charms already attached. Just add flower or round beads and you have lush, blossoming or budding jewellery. Make a lariat necklace and you don't even have to add a clasp.

Lily of the valley
It's still a couple of months too early for the gentle lily of the valley to bud, but why not already daydream about spring and summer? From french beaded flowers to crochet barettes.

Dutch spiral, aussie spiral and spirale russe
Different techniques can have the same name and same or similar techniques can have different names. They do have one thing in common, though: peyote and a spiral shape.

Wire wrapped connectors
Make your own connectors for multi-strand jewellery with single-strand clasps.

Filigrees as glue-on bails
I've already mentioned using bail-making pliers to fold filigrees in half, making useful bails. But you can also use small charms and connectors as decorative glue-on bails.

Aluminium is gaining momentum among jewellery makers, especially now that more and more beaders are trying to find alternatives to the expensive silver. Unlike silver, it's also common to anodize aluminium, giving it bright colours.

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  1. Great post with great tips! I just got some of those anodized aluminum roses!


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