Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bead soup update: the bezel

So, I've got a plan. I pretty much know how I want to use by bead soup. As much as I would've loved to used a little bit of everything in one cool piece of jewellery, I've divided the lot into three parts and will be making more than one piece. My goal, though, is to use all of the material provided by Joanna.

Right now I'm working on the main piece, the one using the focal. I tend to move between wirework/metalwork and seedbeading. January has been a seedbeading month and so will February. That means bezelling the cab in seed beads, as you can see in the "sneakpeaks". Above is a pic of the sideview, below you can see the back of the pendant-to-be.

Reminds a bit of the lace, don't you think? Granted, the RAW bezel is more geometric, but as for colour and open latticework I think the two look somewhat matching in style.

But I will be embellishing the bezel so some of the latticework will be lost. Hopefully, though, the end design will be prettier than the basic grid that the bezel is now. In, fact, at this stage the bezel looks best from the side as you can see the RAW-pattern, but with embellishment it'll look nice and romantic from the front as well.

So everthing is going according to plan now. I've tested different designs for the embellishment, using the actual bezel as a sort of base for a temporary sampler, and now I've begun working on the final version. But I probably have to rip up parts of it because I want to add another colour. Of cause, I got this idea after I'd just bought seeds from the UK and busted my winter budget... So now I'm keeping my fingers crossed a fellow beader nearby will have a gram of 11/0 cocoa-lined crystal or galvanized cocoa (shiny or matte/frosted) to swap.


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