Monday, 7 February 2011

Frosted bronze-lined black diamond

Now it's that time again when I've found a new colour I love and just have to tell everyone about it. This time it's Toho's frosted bronze-lined black diamond that has caught my eye. Did some emergency shopping and of cause I just had to check if it was back in stock, which it was and so I ended up buying it. I've been meaning to get some beads in this colour for some time, but either it's been out of stock in the shop I wanted to buy it from or in stock in shops I currently don't plan on shopping from. So I've been looking forward to seeing this one IRL for months. Now I have and I'm so not disappointed!

I think the best way of describing the colour is tabacco, a shadowed golden brown. The velvet matte grey blend with the shiny metallic bronze in a softly glowing smokey hue.

And now it's fueled my appetite for metallic-lined frosted/matte beads. Especially beads in other linings than the usual silver-lined ones as e.g. bronze changes the colour in a way silver doesn't. I hope to find some frosted coloured copper-lined seeds, but don't think I've seen any.

Also, it made me think about buying lined black diamond/transparent grey beads in general as the grey glass can act sort of like a satin/hematite surface effect does in that it dulls the colour of the lining. When viewing the bead, it can act like almost a sort of antique patina. I saw that in another colour I also picked up on a whim when shopping, magenta-lined transparent grey (sorry not pic). Wonder if there are any other nuances of colour-lined transparent grey beads to get my hands on?

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  1. Oh oh oh
    that colour is a definate MUST for me too. Loooooove it. Thank you so much for letting me know.


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