Monday, 6 June 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 21-22

Almost forgot to do a recap this weekend. As I'm doing this on a Monday I might as well also mention that today's blog post on Manekis Pärlblogg is about a new beading contest, Native American Necklace Contest. Read all about it here (or rather, if you don't speak Swedish, find the link to the contest info there).

Beaded bead chain

Make a beaded chain with embellishments that looks like beaded beads. The technique is similar to spiral rope and bead wrapped beads in the way the beaded embellishments are made between stringed sections.

June monthly challenges
New design challenges from Art Bead Scene, La Bella Joya, Operation Tackle That Bead Stash and Vintaj.

Turn glass beads into cabochon
Using a kiln for glass fusing, you can slump glass beads into pretty cabs. No kiln? Use beads slip in half and grind down any sharp edges by hand, machine or using a tumbler.

With the prices of silver soaring, silver-filled (AKA rolled silver) has become an option that can now be found in several US bead shops.

Vintage style butterfly beads
More butterfly beads -- the perfect motif for summer jewellery. This time pretty copper beads with retro images from Jewels by Jules, sold by Rings & Things. See photo above.

eMag for copper lovers
Copper Wire Jewelers is an e-publication from the team behind the community with the same name. The mag doesn't contain projects, but instead you'll find eye candy by jewellery makers from the community as well as useful articles.

Flex Your Creativity 2011
SoftFlex Company has announced this year's edition of their design contest Flex Your Creativity. The challenge this year is in mixing their beading wire with their new craft wire.

Personalized tags
I've had a couple of people ask me about logo tags recently and here's my reply. Includes options such as buying logo stamps, ordering ready-made tags (cast or engraved), doing your own engravings etc -- and the latest thing, engraved acrylic/plexiglass tags.

Caring for your jewellery
Jewellery care is important for your pieces to last long and look good. Also, cleaning jewellery is important for the maker in order for the jewellery to really sparkle when displayed and photographed.

Dyeing bone beads and components
How to dye components made of bone. Dyes that work on bone often work on other porous natural materials such as MOP, FW pearls, wood and more.

Colourful patterned components
Beads Direct has a new collection of coloured, patterned jewellery components (clasp, chain, jump rings, links) perfect for informal summer jewellery.

Customized ear cuffs
Ear cuffs are hot. Frost08 offers a service for those of you who want to order custom made ear cuffs rather than making them yourselves. Also includes link to tips on ear cuff projects for those of you who want to make your own cuffs from scratch.

EU to ban cadmium in jewellery
From december, the EU is banning all use of cadmium in jewellery and plastics.

Calla lilies
Make your own dimensional versions of this easily regonizable flower, using sheet metal, beads, clay and more.

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