Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pretty purple pebbles

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages (giveaway tips and blog recaps don't count). At least partially it's of cause a side effect of having worked a lot lately and also being called to work last in the last minute on days when I was supposed to be off, thus messing up my planning.

We did have Wednesday off and my sis and I spent the afternoon wandering around in Malmö (as my dad went to hospital for tests, we took the opportunity to tag along). We also got a chance to visit the Panduro Outlet, which we missed last time, and that's where I bought these glass pebbles. They're the kind you use in flower arrangements so the quality is nothing near glass cabs: they have tiny bubbles on the surface, shapes are irregular etc. But I really liked the colour and patterns in these purple glass stones.

Great thing about it was that they were sold loose so I could pick out the pieces I liked the best. Normally they're sold in bags, but for jewellery-makers and crafters this is so much better as you can pick out the perfect pebble (hopefully) and also mix and match colours instead of having to buy a whole package of each. Notice how a couple of the pebbles -- the two on each side of the one at the top -- have patterns of white that almost looks like fuchsias with their petals and long stamen.

Not sure what I'm going to do with these, but most likely I'll do some beaded bezels. As usual. The irregular shapes make them less ideal for fabricated bezels and settings, though they would work with, say, glue-on bails and other "glueable" findings. Or maybe I should make a wire bezel? Haven't worked with wire in ages, it feels like.

Perhaps I'll tumble a few that have too many bubbles and flaws.

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