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Bead blog recap weeks 23-25

I skipped doing a recap last week, seeing how this week was my last week blogging before taking a summer break (I'll keep blogging here, just taking a break from the daily bead blogging at Manekis Pärlblogg). So this will be an unusually long blog post and therefore I'll use it to test the jump break, adding one of those "read more" button things.

This recaps contains contest tips, new products, how to make shell jewellery, treble clef pendant tutorials and more.

Seashell jewellery
How to make pendants and necklaces using seashells you've found yourself or bought. Includes tips on articles about how to clean, saw, drill engrave and more. 

Bead mixes -- inspiration and challenge
A bead mix can be very alluring and inspirational, but once you've bought it, it can also end up just collecting dust on a shelf. Here's a few tips on what bead mixes can be useful for. 

Dichro on enamel
Dichro slide papers are a substitute for dichro glass in glass fusing, but it can also be used on glass enamel. 

Create with Noora's dichro cabs and win
Swedish bead shop Silvergrejs has announced a new competition. Create something using Noora's own cabs for your chance to win a secret prize and being showcased in the inspiration gallery.  

Solder inlay
Instead of inlaying metal with wire, you can fill in the pattern with solder, which is melted in place, to created a two coloured piece. 

Beads Direct Wimbledon competition
British bead shop Beads Direct have many competitions -- be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you don't miss them. One theme right now is Wimbledon. 

New Tila colours
The popular tila beads from Miyuki will be available in 30 new colours after summer. Don't know what to do with them? See project tips here. 

Changes to the blog -- interest in mobile version?
I've added a few things to the blog and also rearranged the colour inspirations into a seperate page. Be sure to let me know if you want me to activate the mobile version of the blog (handy for anyone using a smartphone). I'll be adding a few more things during the summer break, by the way. 

Colourful birch bark bracelets
This i real moden Swedish slöjd: make fun bracelets using birch bark (näver). 

Contest at Inspira
Swedish jewellery-making community Nätverket Inspira is hosting its first contest for community members. 

Strong beadwork with whip stitched edges
Use whip stitch to strengthen your beadweaving (on or off loom). The whip stitching can be invisible or part of the design -- you can even add beads to it. 

Advanced wrapped leather bracelets
The wrapped cord bracelets have become popular in the US now -- here's a few examples of tutorials working with more advanced version of the basic technique. There's also links to the basic bracelets if you prefer them. 

Cool wire-wrapped sword pendant
Gailavira makes many inspirational and beautiful wirework tutorials and this cool sword -- for both men and women -- is no exception. 

Treble clef wire pendants
How to make an iconic music symbol using wire for charms and pendants (and even connectors). 

Glass pebbles -- cheap cabochons
Glass pebbles can be a substitute for more expensive glass cabochons in some cases, just as long as you are aware of the differences in quality between the two. 

Black walnut slices
Walnut slices have interesting patterns -- each slice unique -- which can be fun to use in jewellery. 

Make functional finger rings
Rings are not just adornments -- they can be useful too like the magnetic workshop rings, pincushion rings, compass rings etc. Also includes links to functional necklaces (magnifying pendants and eyeglass/ID badge holder necklaces). 

Vinyl record jewellery
Make funky jewellery from old -- preferrably scracthed and useless -- vinyl records. 

Synthetic stones
What is synthetic stones really and why are they used instead of natural stones? It's not just a matter of price. 

Roses from plastic spoons
How to make a rather realistic looking rose using nothing but plastic spoons, a candle and glue. Use as pendant, brooch etc. 

Thumbtack pendant
What can not be used to make jewellery? Here, a thumbtack is used to make a wirework pendant. 

Native American Necklace Contest
International contest hosted by the blog Perles et Dent'Elles: make a peyote pendant fit for an American Indian woman, inspired by the contest theme Dances with wolves (you remember that old Kevin Costner film, don't you?). 

Lock-In jump rings
There are alternatives to open jump rings when you can't or won't solder and split rings are too ugly. Lock-In jump rings are the latest from BeadSmith.

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