Saturday, 25 June 2011

Giveaway tips

I've got a couple of more giveaways to mention. I love giveaways (and really must get around to doing my own one day soon!) and these are a couple I've found lately.

First, Andrew Thornton and Eclectica are giving away a bunch of gorgeous german glass beads. Vintage reproduction beads to be exact. I love german glass beads and I so want to win these! Don't you? If you do, get over to Andrew's blog and this giveaway post immediately for your chance to win. But hurry, there's not much time left.

Then you can head over to the Beaducation blog. They're having a giveaway for their blog followers. To win, all you have to do is follow the blog and they'll draw a winner of a 100 USD Beaducation gift certificate. But that's not all: if they reach 1000 followers by July 1st, they'll give away a second gift certificate to a lucky blog follower! And don't miss this giveway either were they'll on Monday (yes, this Monday) give away the winner's choice of one of the new DVD classes.

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