Wednesday, 29 June 2011

tissue tape cuff

Here's another pic I found. I'm not sure what to do with this one. What you see is nothing more that Tim Holtz tissue tape on a brass cuff, the kind of bracelet base you use for e.g. bead embroidered cuffs (which was what I bought it for). I kind of like it, but don't know how to seal it.

You see, tissue tape is not strong enough to stay bonded to the metal. And I have bad experiences trying to glue the sticky sides of stickers and tapes. Glue on glue just slides, it doesn't stick (until it dries if you're lucky). After I "made" this bracelet, I taped a bronze tag just to see if I could make it stick permanently by sealing it with decoupage glue/lacquer, but it didn't work. So I'll have to try actually glueing the tape to the metal and then apply a sealant/varnish on top, hoping it won't affect the tape.

So far I haven't tried it. The only thing I have done since I took the pic was to trim the excess tape visible on the back. Not sure if I should keep working with this project or actually save the cuff for the bead embroidered bracelet it was meant.


  1. Hmm. Do you're saying using Modge Podge doesn't work, right? Did you sand the metal before adding the tape? Wonder if brushing resin over it is even an option (I don't know much about resin).

  2. Yupp, sanded and cleaned with alcohol. I guess what I have to do is to peel it off and apply glue between tape and metal, hoping I wont get a problem with mixing adhesives. On second thought, this tape isn't super sticky so it might not be as difficult to glue down as I initially thought. Will have to test it, not least since I plan on making more "tissue tape jewellery".

    Thanks for your input!


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