Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 39-40

A summary of what I've written the last two weeks over at my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg. From blue slag stone and needlepoint beads to earring contests and beaded candle holders.

Coloured pencil jewellery
How to make fun and colourful beads and jewellery from cut coloured pencils.

Needlepoint beads
Learn how to do embroidered beads in this new e-class by Orna Willis.

October challenges
Current challenges and contests include monthly challenges from Vintaj, OTTBS, Inspira, Bead Barmy, Beads Direct, Art Bead Scene and more.

Bird cage tie knot clasp
A fun and beautiful magnetic clasp for all you cord jewellery.

Embossing powder on metal
How to use plastic embossing powder on metal to make stamped patterns, colourizing or sealing. Icludes UTEE and melt art.

Creative product for earring card making
Easy Earring Cards set a kit of two specially made paper punches for making your own professional earring cards. Can also be used for earring displays and gift cards.

Earring design contest
Swedish bead shop Stareyes has announced a new contest. This time you should create earrings (no cuffs) on the theme trollskog (= troll forest or magic forest).

Swedish blue slag
This blue slag stone, known as Bergslagssten, can be found in Bergslagen and are discards from the old iron foundries of the 18th and 19th century. Similar stones can be found in other countries around old ironworks. Nowadays it's mostly used in jewellery.

Bronze collection from Nina Designs
Nina Designs has launched a new line of jewellery components made from high quality bronze. There is also silver- and gold-plated bronze items available.

Lustre finish
Lustre or luster is a bead finish that creates a high shine. On opaque glass beads it can make to colour look more vivid and three dimensional.

Beaded candle holders and more
Use beads and jewellery finidings to decorate candles, votives, candle sticks, hurricanes etc in time for the dark and cold season.

Bead embroidered book covers
This japanese site has three sweet projects for bead embroidered fabric covers for your books and journals.

First issue of Ask the Color Queens
You can now download the first issue of Beverly Ash Gilbert's and Margie Deeb's new e-publication, focusing of colour for crafters and artists.

Fleeting bead art
In this video from Nina Designs, you can see a piece of art made from thousands of precious metal beads and components (picture of it was used in their magazine ads a few years back). A temporary masterpiece.

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