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Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop

 Due to computer issues (the headache inducing kind) I'm writing this in the middle of the night. I hope the fact it's past my bedtime won't make this post too difficult to read.

I like cords and ribbon, but I've never used the sari ribbon I've seen so many other do beautiful jewellery with. So when I read about the Sari ribbon blog party, hosted by Brenda Sue Lansdowne (of B'Sue Boutiques) I thought it was a good incentive to try it myself. I also challenged myself further by choosing to work with a colour I don't normally use. A colour far from the earthtones I'm so fond of.

This is my third hop in less than a month, which meant I didn't have much time to work with the ribbon. I mostly do bead weaving and embroidery at the moment, but that was out of the question this time. As so often when I'm working with something new I tried to keep it simple, getting to know the material rather than go for some grand design I didn't know if it'd work out in the end. Working with what I had at home also added som limitations.

And these three added another obstacle to the whole thing. Especially Julle and Jisse quickly learned that sari ribbon is just so much fun to chew, run off with, catching in the air and just generally play with. At one point, Jisse (the boy in the middle) was hanging from my skirt trying to catch the ribbon I was holding (I was standing up at the moment). Cute, I guess, but awfully irritating when I was racing against the clock yesterday. Well, I guess I should just be glad not all of our eleven cats took the same interest in my new ribbon stash....

I planned several different things, but in the end it boiled down to two finished pieces. For my first necklace, I found the perfect dark heather freshwater pearls to go with the ribbon. When I check colours to see if they match, I often twist the ribbon, cord or bead strands around each other. In this case that became the inspiration for the finished design. I simply stitched a strand of pearls to the ribbon and twisted it, leaving some ribbon on each side for tying in the neck (preferrably with a prettier bow than mine).

I might redo this one as I think the ribbon it too tightly twisted and it looks like the pearls are wrapped around the ribbon rather than the two -- ribbon and pearl strand -- being twisted together as it looks when I first tested the technique.

Pretty soon I knew I'd probably want to make a ribbon flower (check out the blog label ribbon flowers and you'll see why). This was not my original plan. I wanted to do a "loop" flower, but in the end I settled for a smaller flower in a technique known as continuous u-gather. The flower was stitched to a filigree in russian goldplate and then a flower in the same plate was added to the centre, held in place by a fire-polished bead.

The chain is just temporary: I didn't have any in the right colour to match the filigree and because it's so delicate I didn't have any cord or ribbon that seemed to fit.

The flower is a bit uneven, which I probably can blame the kitties for, but I hope it doesn't look too uneven. I can't say that hot pink and gold is a favourite colour combo, but it is eyecatching and very different from what I usually do so it was a fun combo to work with. A happy and warm combo.

All in all, I made two designs that I never would've thought I'd make, had you asked me the day I signed up for the blog hop. Ideas got scrapped, components had to be returned to the stash as they didn't work out, ribbon got mauled by the cats. And in the end I came up with something created by the work process itself in a way. Something I hope you like or might even be inspired by, even if they are simple designs hastily made in the last minute.

Will I be working more with sari ribbon in the future? Most likely, though from now on I'll probably wait for the really good ideas as I don't have a deadline hovering over me. I'm an "ideas first" kind of person, finding it hard to work with kits or choosing materials before choosing my project idea. But I know that sooner or later I do get an idea for the materials I've accumulated. Until then I'll just work with something else (right now embroidery, I think). Sari ribbon sure has potential to inspire me.


Before you go, I just wanted to add that you might want to stick around: I'm planning to do a giveaway in the beginning of November, which you perhaps would be interested in. Ok, now go and check out all the other talanted party people in this hop:

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Have fun!


  1. I really like simple but effective designs, the sari ribbon flower is beautiful!
    Deb x

  2. WOW!!!! Those pieces are so pretty! I love the flower, that is so innovative:-))) Nicely done!

  3. Your designs are really pretty, I especially like the flower.

  4. You did a great job on your pieces. Love that flower! I'll have to come back and read the post on them later. I really like the simplicity of the pearls winding around the ribbon. Very wearable!

  5. So pretty! Feminine and lovely. Love the color you chose to focus on.

  6. I love the simple pieces and you took the ribbon a whole different way....your way. I love the pink wreath necklace and would love to know the technique to make the flower. My way is over the I'd make a piece filled with a garden of them! WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for participating....and the kitties are CUTIES! XOXO B'sue

  7. How simple a stunning bloom can be! And your studio helpers are too cute!
    Enjoy the day.

  8. I truly love the pink Sari ribbon in your designs. The simplicity of the first one with pearls is just precious - and your 2nd design with the lovely flower is a real eye catcher <3 ~J-Lynn

  9. I love these pieces!! So beautiful! Both are so simple and elegant... sweet!

  10. I could see the flower necklace converted to a hair piece or a brooch it's lovely. the wreath necklace is just casual fun, perfect for a turtleneck accent. lovely work.

  11. Very nice, colorful, FUN designs! And your helpers, well... I have 6 cats myself so I can relate. :-)

  12. The simple way you treated the materials is inspiring. Very unique and different. Elegant especially the flower.

  13. Both pieces are beautiful. I love the flower and think that the color combination is wonderful.

  14. your designs are so clean and elegant,and of course romantic!, good job!!

  15. Great job, fantastic flower, despite the kitteh! Cutie btw!

  16. I quite like the way it looks as is! Very pretty!

  17. Maneki, thank you again for being part of our hop and for sending your instructions for the flower via link, to my blog comments. It's been great getting to know you. I really appreciate all your insights!

  18. Thank you for visiting my blog, like me I see you are new to sari ribbon, I really like what you have done with yours and the flower is a real inspiration well done!

  19. Simple beautiful pieces, that flower is really pretty.

  20. They are both lovely. Simple is good. As my boyfriend says - more notes don't always make a better song!

  21. What a great idea! the flower! Lovely!

  22. You had me with the fuchsia colors, and the little flower is sooooo sweet! Very nice!

  23. Oh your style is so pretty! xox jean!
    I love your pieces!

  24. Both designs are beautiful. The pearls and ribbon together have an air of elegance-and I love the simplicity and clean lines. The pink flower is gorgeous!

  25. SIMPLY LOVELY...both pieces! The wreath is so elegant! ;o)

  26. Like the flower..such a pretty color. Reminds me of my impatiens. Good job.

  27. Oh my!!! This is gorgeous!!!!
    I sooooo love your pearl necklace, it is simple but perfect.
    I am in need of more ribbon.....

  28. Both designs are terrific, but I especially love the ribbon flower. That design is so eye-catching. This is definitely a piece I would personally wear!

    I created the start of a sari flower and abandoned it--you've inspired me to go back and take a second look!

  29. Simple and elegant, I like them both.

  30. The pearl necklace is so sweet, and that flower is amazing!

  31. Berrylisciousness! Simple and effective.

  32. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

    I really enjoyed the hop, seeing all the different styles and designs all centred around the same material. Very inspirational!

  33. I am drawn to the simple elegance of the flower design. Both are very nice!

  34. Hi Maneki-
    Simplicity is the key to elegance. Simplicity is the ultimate definition of elegance in my book. I love the fresh water pearls in the first necklace and the Sari flower is an eye catcher all alone - just as you have presented it! Well done.
    I was not able to particpate in the party on Friday due to family matters so I am finishing up today with my visiting of everyone's blog.
    I hope you will be able to find some time to vist me @:


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