Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 41-42


Time for another recap of what I've been writing these last two weeks over at my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg. This time the subjects include Plasti Dip (as jewellery material), new products from the US and Czech Republic, contests and bunting necklace projects. The post that excites me the most? Of cause it's the new Twin beads from Preciosa Ornela (see photo above and check out these pics).

The Magic Finding
The Magic Finding is an interesting new product for jewellery makers. It can be used as a single- or multistrand crimp beads as well as a divider and end piece. You can even use it together with the Omega Insert finding to make bails. At the moment it is available in sterling silver and gold-filled, but there are plans for base metal versions.

Different types of copper coloured components
Do you like the look of copper? Here's a small compilation of the different types of copper and copper plated components you can find in bead shops. Including a photo of many of the alternatives. Also include other types of copper coloured metals such as red brass and rose gold.

Plasti Dip
Plasti Dip is just as Tool Magic used to coat handles and jaws on pliers to avoid marring metal and creating a comfortable grip. You can also use it to dip coat wire and metal. Please note that this is a toxic product that should be used responsibly and only by adults.

3D paint necklaces
Make fun Halloween necklaces with nothing but slick 3D paint.

Travelling with beads
Tips and tricks for travelling with beads and jewellery projects. Includes thoughts about what can and cannot be brought onboard planes.

Bead mosaic
Making mosaic with beads, either small seed beads or bigger glass beads. Includes a handful of different techniques using grout (traditional), glue, wax (huichol beadwork) or polymer clay.

Rusty iron pendants
Lipstick Ranch creates pendants with a lovely patina by letting iron sheets rust naturally outdoors and then saw it into pendants in various styles and sizes.

Two-hole bead from PreciosaOrnela
Miyuki's tila bead was a hit, now it's Czech seed bead manufacturer PreciosaOrnela's turn to launch an exciting 2-hole bead (see photo above). Be sure not to miss the inspiration projects at their website. I can't wait to try this one out!

Rings & Things design contest
R&T has announced a new contest called Rock n Rollo Challenge. To participate, you must make a design using roll chain and either larvikite or rainbow amazonite. You may freely add other materials to the two mandatory. Entries accepted Dec 1st 2011 to Jan 31st 2012.

How to submit projects to bead and jewellery making magazines
Get tips and tricks for successfully submitting jewellery projects to magazines from these articles by published designers and editors.

Silhouette jewellery
How to make pendants and more with silhouettes. Use free graphics or make your own silhouettes of your children, grandchildren, pets etc.

Bunting necklaces
I keep seeing buntings when I read American craft blogs. Here you can learn how to make necklaces with pennants. Some of the projects are inspired by Anthropologie.

Extended deadline for Maven Melds contest
The deadline for the Bead Mavens' latest design contest/challenge has been extended to October 29th.

Autumn contest from Beadaholique
There are still a few days left if you want to participate in Beadaholique's first design contest. The theme is Falling Leaves.

Photo by PreciosaOrnela, used here in accordance with CC BY 2.0

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