Friday, 14 October 2011

October rose

Yay, I finally managed to over come the computer issues and write by blog hop post, which will publish in the morning. Over here it's 02:25 so I really should get into bed. I look forward to the sari ribbon party tomorrow, though I don't look forward to the fact that I have to work some more with the ol' computer. Hopefully it'll be in a good mood. Fingers crossed.

Until the post will appear on the blog (at 6 my time), you can enjoy this rose image I made the other day, using a blurry and noisy photo of a rose blooming in October. Took the photo on one of the first days of the month so I haven't checked if it's survived the cold nights we're having now. Don't know if you can read the text due to my font choice. I just jotted down a short text about it to add a bit of interest in the image. It's in English as it's really annoying trying to write something in Swedish when you can't add three important vowels because the font isn't adapted to the Swedish language. Well, as long as I keep it simple, it less noticable how much more eloquent I am in Swedish than in English.

Now I better turn the computer off so I can get at least a few hours sleep tonight. I believe I've got four hours until sunrise at least.

Good night!

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