Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bead blog recap w. 6-7

It's been another two weeks so time for the biweekly summary of my writings on my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg. Not that many posts this time, but hopefully still something of interest. Photo and pricing tips, new contests, leather and suede roses, twin bead project and inspirational ideas are some of the things you'll find in the list.

Twin bead projects
A collection of projects using the new 2-hole bead from Preciosa Ornela. Many free, others for a fee.

E-mags and books with focus on on shaped beads
Kalmbach has launched a new series of e-mags called Great Designs for Shaped Beads. So far you can find two titles -- Tilas & Tiles and Peanuts & Berries -- and a third, Daggers & Drops is coming soon. Also a few tips on books focusing on seed bead shapes such as cubes, triangles and bugles.

Projects for bead shapes
A list of blog posts focusing on projects for specific bead shapes such as tila, bugle beads, chips, yo-yo beads and more.

Pricing your jewellery
I've gathered a number of articles about the sometimes difficult task of pricing handmade jewellery.

Unexpected fusions between techniques and materials
When making jewellery, don't just read bead and jewellery-making books -- great ideas can come from many other sources and by interpreting other craft and art techniques in jewellery materials.

Leather and suede roses for jewellery
How to make roses in various techniques from simple rolled rosebuds to sculpted blooms.

Bead and jewellery photography
Link list to articles and tutorials on the subjects -- plus links to DIY light tent projects.

Polsweet is an interesting style of Polaris beads.

How to efficiently cut chain
Learn a simple trick for cutting equal lengths of jewellery chain without having to measure or count links.

Mixed media birdhouse pendants
Learn how to make cute collaged wooden birdhouse pendants.

UFOs -- give them to someone else
Taking a cue from the upcoming Hemslöjd exhibition and their UFO workshop, why not get together and finish those old unfinished projects by giving them to someone else?

Inspira's seed bead contest
Swedish forum Inspira has announced a new design contest focusing on small pieces of jewellery made from small beads.

Swarovski Elements contest
Blooming Beautiful is a sparkling contest open to European beaders.

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