Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Deadlines and blog hops

I haven't been a very active blogger these last days. One of the reasons are the many deadlines coming up soon. It can be hard to say no to a challenge sometimes so right now I've got no less than four challenges/blog hops that have deadlines in February and March: Michelle's Valentine card challenge (10/2 -- reveal on 14/2), Erin's Challenge of Music (29/2) , Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party (3/3) and Michelle's Suddenly Spring Challenge (13/3). And then there's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) every week.

In a way in kind of just dawned on me that these challenges will not only be about meeting a deadline, but there's also the time and energy I have to put into the blog hops. That's also going to take some time. So have I been overambitious in signing up for all of these challenges. I really hope not. I don't think so. But with such a schedule I really can't procrastinate as usual. And I must try to prioritise, thinking about which challenge will be revealed first and not just work on the piece I feel most inspired about. So if I seem absent minded, forget about reacting on the comments I get on the blog, don't comment on other blogs etc it's because I'm focusing on the challenges right now. Dare I say I haven't even picked a song for the Challenge of Music yet...

I'm not worried about the timing. Not yet. If anything I worry about losing inspiration when I suddenly have gone from zero deadlines to multiple deadlines, not least since three out of four challenges are about using materials partially chosen by others. So not worried, but I really must try to focus on the jewellery and think about some sort of plan so I don't forget one challenge by working on another.

By the way: I've not forgotten about TAST week 5. Have photos and there's one up on Flickr with my herringbone doodles, but haven't yet edited all the photos for the blog post. Perhaps I'll even get around to doing it this afternoon/evening now that I'm on the computer.


  1. Good luck Maneki!Sometimes procrastination is not really a bad habit...instead,it is a something our brains use when working with a creative challenge.We think we have been lazy, but our brains are working hard trying to solve a task without us knowing about it. You know that Heureka moment when you suddenly know what to do. Sometimes you get there after a lot of subconcious activity. Sometimes it happens at once.Milka

  2. Well it doesn't look too bad.. you've got a week and a half to two weeks between each deadline. You can set aside a bit of time to do the hopping itself each day- print out a list of blogs and cross them off as you visit them. Depending on the size of the hop, you might not spend too much time on the computer, rather then on jewelry.

    As for the blog posts, if you need to take a break from beading, write up a draft of your hop posts. You can edit in the info as you go, and once you add the photos you can schedule it to post itself on the day and save your self some hassle and worry :)


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