Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bead Blog recap weeks 4-5

Time again for yet another two weeks in review of my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg. This time you'll find plenty of challenge tips, fibre (shibori ribbon, chirimen/kimono cord), leather -- including the trendy Regaliz bracelets -- and more. I don't mention two posts -- Michelle's spring kit challenge and Erin's Challenge of Music -- as you can no longer sign up for them.

2012 Destash Challenge
Mortira of Inspirational Beading invites you to participate in her new year-long stash busting challenge. No deadlines or rules other than to work with components that's been in your stash for more than a year.

Februari Monthly Challenges
New design challenges/contests from Art Bead Scene, Bead Barmy, Beadaholique, B'Sue Boutiques, Love My Art Jewelry, Operation Tackle That Bead Stash, Stitch 'n' Craft and Vintaj.

Finger rings from jewellery chain
On the Bead Balance blog you can learn how to make a ring base from a big-link jewellery chain. You will also find other designs using "deconstructed" chains on the blog.

Swarovski Elements Innovations Spring/Summer 2013
Swarovski has unveiled their latest colours and finishes. Apart from Rose Peach, Crystal Rose Peach Pearl and Crystal Luminous Green, you will also find gemstone coloured crystal pearls and bi-colour crystals. Luminous Green is said to work well in sf and fantasy inspired jewellery.

Beaded soap bubble wands
How to make soap bubble wands with bead embellishments. Some are easy enough for kids to make themselves, other project are for adults to make (and pehaps also use). And, no, winter is not the wrong time for soap bubbles. When it's subzero temperatures the bubbles will quickly freeze to ice, something kids find very fascinating.

Regaliz bead patterns
Why just add slider beads? Free patterns for making beaded beads or sleeves to the trendy Regaliz leather bracelets. Also a few other tips such as covering the bracelet partially in fabric.

Kokeshi components
Kokeshi is a typ of japanese girl doll that was first made as a souvenir. Today you can find beads, charms and buttons inspired by the modern so called creative kokeshi. Perfect for cute kawaii jewellery.

Shirbori silk ribbon jewellery
Have you seen the luscious shibori ribbons made by Shibori Girl? Here's a few ideas for how you can use them in jewellery.

Bead wrapped bracelets meets macramé
You probably haven't missed the wrap bracelet craze inspired by the Chan Luu bead bracelets. Here The Bead Shop shows how you can combine bead wrapping techniques with knotting for a different kind of wrap bracelets.

Chirimen cord jewellery
Chirimen or kimono cord is a japanese stuffed cord made from a special textured kimono fabric known as chirimen. Here are some ideas for how you can use this cord in your jewellery.

Yarn woven leather bracelets
How to make 3-strand leather bracelets woven together with yarns.

Zig-zag wrapped bead bracelets
More bracelets. How to make a bead bracelet with two wrapped strands.

Braided bead or ring bracelets
And yet more bracelets. Learn how to make cute and fashionable bracelets by adding small beads or rings (jump rings or jewellery links) to a simple tre-strand braid.

Year of the Dragon
We've entered the year of the dragon! Round-up of earlier posts that contain dragon projects plus a few new patterns for seedbeaders.

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