Friday, 17 February 2012

Pink as autumn colour

These are some photos I took last year when I, inspired -- or if you prefer, challenged -- by the Pantone Color of the Year 2011 ( Honeysuckle) and the photos I showed in Autumn in pink and chartreuse, thought about different ways of using pink in my beadwork.

I had used a special kind of pink, the lovely juicy padparadscha, with my favourite brown and olive green/kakhi autumn colours several times so it wasn't a novel idea to me, pink as part of an autumnal palette. But this time I tried a few other combos too, using varying pinks such as rose satin and indian pink instead of just padparadscha. Never got around to post the pics during autumn and them came winter and if felt too late. But now I'm dusting them off.

This post is related to my "Turquoise as an autumn colour" and "Lime and chartreuse as autumn colours" on my other blog. There I discussed these colours that you might not consider autumnal and how to use them in autumn-themed colour palettes.


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