Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August bead soup palette

Well, the bead mix inspiration of the month is late too, as usual. Like some of my earlier palettes, this one's pretty much just thrown together using a few of my favourite colours. But instead of a last minute hodgepodge, let's call it a tribute to coppar and velvety soft, shimmering matte metallics.

You can use the colours together or just go with either light copper satin or dark copper satin depend on how dark you want your colour scheme. I'm sure there are many gorgeous matte metallics to combine with these, but, alas, I didn't have any in my stash.

Unfortunately, I just realised I made a huge screw up. The typo is one thing (it's matte metallic dark raspberry iris, nothing else), but I got the piccies in the wrong order: the middle colour is "the raspberries" and the last one is dark copper satin. Oops....

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  1. I love copper. This is a nice palette for the autumn. My favourite is the satiny soft colour of the piggy beads. I can see how nice these colours would look with matte metallics, e.g. some greens and reds for an autumn leaves palette.


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