Monday, 5 August 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

It's so warm here, I really don't feel like sitting in front of the computer (or, well, not sitting in front of the computer doing anything that require brain acticity, such as editing cat photos), but I do have one cat photo for you today. One that I wanted to make something with as the background was boring, but the result is pretty so-so. It's still a photo I like as it's not often I get "Jinna" and "Ninna", daughter and mother, in the same pic.


  1. You must have a very good camera. Or cats who love modelling. I never manage to catch my kitty in a pic. Anna

    1. Or maybe I just have sleepy cats that are too tired or too lazy to run away from the camera? ;)

      That's pretty much the case here at least. But there's definitely a difference in how well cats put up with photography and how they react on a camera. When I was taking photos of the sleeping butterflies I had both Julle and Knatti there and they both wanted to be cuddled (which included knocking the camera -- and the butterflies -- while I was focusing on little fluttering things instead of the kitties). I ended up with almost all cat photos that evening being of Julle, who after a while lied down (and struck a pose), and just one fuzzy close up of Knatti who kept going back and forth and running up to the camera to brush against my fingers as soon as I focused it on him.

      There's a reason some cats show up in my photos more often than others. Some aren't home that often, which reflects in my photo archive as does the fact that just some of the cats are likely to follow us on our photo walks, but it is also very much about their different personalities and the difference in how likely they are to sit or lie down or just keep somewhat still so I can get a snapshot.


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