Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sleeping butterflies

The other day my sis and I went up the hill to take some photos of the sunset, accompanied by Julle and with Knatti meeting up in the coppice. When we got up, we kept stumbling into a lot of sleeping butterflies. Much easier to get photos of them there than trying to chase them daytime when they flutter incessantly over the garden, never sitting down long enough for you to get any photos.

It's pretty much just white butterflies. We have a lot of them this year as they were attracted by the rapeseed blossoms on the other side of the road.


  1. Sleeping butterflies. Lovely!

  2. Enchanting. Maybe they are fairies? Anna

    1. Thanks! Well, you know there are skålgropar/älvkvarnar (= a type of petroglyphs/stone carved hollows called cup marks in english) just 1 km or so from here and in the old days people would sacrifice/gift the fairies with little things in order to cure an illness or make a wish come true so if there are fairies, they should be nearby. (But to be honest I've never been a fairy person, I'm more interested in the trolls that live in the bronze age mounds -- something I'm planning on writing about before the Challenge of Travel: You are here reveal.)

    2. Wow! Interesting. So there are fairies and trolls close to your home. As for me, I'm definitely a fairy person. Anna


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