Friday, 9 August 2013

What will the cats say?

cat shadow

Apparently it was World Cat Day or International Cat Day yesterday, which I didn't know. Luckily the kitties didn't know either or they might've demanded extra treats yesterday -- though, to cats all days are World Cat Days, of cause. They are to be celebrated 365 days of the year if they get to choose.

While being real cat nuts, my sis and I don't celebrate the cats' birthdays (some aren't born at home, other we forgot the date for). When we were kids we did have a collective birthday for them on Lillen's birthday for a couple of years. Then we kind of forgot about it. It wasn't something we cared much for. But the cats always get extra treats, fancy food and (if we have kittens or playful young cats at the time) toys for christmas. They have to get something special too.

UPDATE: I completely forgot, when writing this, that we do sometimes celebrate one cat day, the national cat day called Kattens dag, which is celebrated on the first sunday of Advent (which perhaps makes it sound religious, but it doesn't really have anything to do with christianity -- if anything it's probably chosen as it's easy to remember, often being a "skyltsöndag"/julskyltning, a sunday when the shops in a town/city put up the winter decorations and are all open). Despite the name, it can be a weekend-long event (especially in pet shops as people don't shop on sundays that often).


I made this digital doodle today. Not related to the Cat Day or anything, I just wanted to use one of Temari09's new textures. If you want to see it full size and read more about the images I made it with, just click the pic. And yes, it's another one with the silhouette photos I took of Julle.

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