Saturday, 3 August 2013

Challenges accepted -- and troubling me...

Ok, so sometimes I sign up for things without thinking. It sounds fun, I want in. I rarely keep in mind that these challenges often equal blog hops, which means that not only am I to produce something on a theme in time for a deadline and blog about it (hard enough when I've felt drained of creativity and energy), but I also have to make time to visit other participants and comment on their creations. And this time I've managed to sign up for three challenges with reveal dates 31 aug, 18 sept and 28 sept. (1 sept is, by the way, the date I'll resume blogging daily on my other blog again.)

First up is the 2nd Annual Challenge of Travel, hosted by Erin of Treasures Found, which has You Are Here as the theme this time. You can still sign up for this challenge here.

The second challenge, which I signed up for first, is the Creating with Cabochons Challenge by Sally of The Studio Sublime. Sign ups are closed so if you really, really wanted to participate you'll have to cross your fingers and ask the hostess if you can sign up late.

And last but not least I had to sign up for another Sequintastic September blog hop, hosted by Sarah of Saturday Sequins. You still have ample of time to sign up for this one, aug 24 being the last day I think.

Now, I have some ideas for the cabochon challenge and with the travel challenge, which will be revealed in three weeks, I've thought about some things I want to incorporate, but have no real ideas for the jewellery or accessory I want to reveal. As for the sequin hop, it was such a recent and spontaneous sign up that I haven't even begun to think about it at all. If nothing else it's better to focus on the earliest reveal first.

Right now looking at the three commitments, I just feel like my mind is blank, really. I hope to have something fun and inspiring to show on the reveal dates, but most of all I hope, hope I won't feel all overwhelmed by all the blog hopping (which is sadly the reason I'm hesitating to sign up for e.g. BSBPs in the future, even though I love the great gettogether that it is, the international swapping/gifting and the huge amoung of inspirational creations you get to see).


  1. Oh I know how that is. Not so much on the biting off more than you can chew, but rather not knowing what to blog about in the least. I suppose what I would suggest is to look at pictures. I know from your blog that you're huge on color palettes, so maybe try something new? Look at clothes, room decor, or even perhaps food. Or, if you're really tapped out... relax! Take a bath or have a cup of tea, do whatever will get your mind off of it for a while to recharge your batteries.

    1. Thanks for your comments and ideas! My strategy right now is to try and not get ahead of myself, but focus on one hop at the time. A bit tricky, but I hope that'll help. Seeing just one part at the time instead of getting overwhelmed by the big picture so to speak. Fingers crossed it'll help! :)

      And I've got ideas for the first hop now so I'm over the first hurdle, thankfully.

  2. I can understand feeling overwhelmed! That's a lot of blog hopping.

    If you find yourself overwhelmed when it's time for Sequintastic September, you could a) post a work in progress, which is what I'm probably going to do or b) hit two birds with one stone, as they say, and use sequins in one of your other challenge pieces. I absolutely don't mind!

    1. Thanks for your comment and suggestions! I'm hoping to be able to get something together as I've got some pretty flower sequins just waiting to be used and this was a good way to sort of push myself to actually get started with another sequin project.


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