Tuesday, 14 January 2014

First snow -- it came and went

I've been wanting some colder weather. Not just because the snow light up the long nights and dark evenings, but mostly because I'm so tired of all the rain. A few degrees below zero is much better than a few degrees above zero, as it is now. And yesterday afternoon, we got the first snow of the year. Not much, just a light and uneven coat, but it felt nice to have something lighting things up. Sadly, most of it was gone by noon today and it was back to fog and dark, grey skies...

 Only snow left... I want more! Not a lot, just a light coat that stays a while is enough. With a record warm november and december, I kind of miss not having had an opportunity to make any snow cats or snow/ice lanterns this season. Yet, I should add as you never know until april is over if there'll be some snow or not.


 The fog did clear up a bit in just an hour or two, as you can see below.

 Still not used to the empty garden...

 While sitting on the computer, uploading the photos I looked out and had to take a few more photos.

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