Saturday, 18 January 2014

It's cold outside

Well, I can't complain, I got snow just like I wanted (instead of all the rain we've had so far). Unfortunately, we also got wind. Rather a lot of wind, making it less than ideal to go out and take beautiful photos of a snowclad landscape. It doesn't really look like that now, rather it's just snow coming both from above and drifting from one place to another. In some places you can still see the grass and in other places there's real snowdrifts now.

The cats? Well, now they're getting a bit used to it being winter again, but the first day of snow (day before yesterday), I spent what felt like an eternity standing in the door -- in a t-shirt! -- whilst the cats tried to decide if they were going out -- no, in -- no, out -- no, in -- no, just stopping on the threshold. Ubbi says it's fine, being the only semi-longhair he's the best insulated one. Wish I had some footage of the cats going out when the blizzard-like weather had just started. How they crouched, blinking into the wind and seems almost offended by the weather. Several of them have been doing u-turns these last couple of days: "I want out, let me out! Yay, I'm out!... Oh no, changed my mind -- don't close that door, I'm going in!"

You can't really see the snow drifting and big snowflakes coming down from the sky and brushing of the roofs in those pics (nor can you gauge how much it's been snowing). Here's one where you get more of a feel of the wind and snow:

Brrr! So I'm trying not to complain -- and I don't mind the snow as I don't have to go anywhere, I can stay indoor with some hot cocoa and a warm blanket. But I'd love it if the winds would calm down a bit, both so I can go out for a photo walk and so it'd stop blowing straight through the old house. No more noise would be a welcome relief too.

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