Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tiny bottles, please!

One thing about wanting to dabble with paints is that you get more and more interested in different medium that you keep finding. The problem is that these media are usually made for artists and come in big jars. Not big for someone who wants to cover a couple of canvases, but very big for someone who want to use them in mixed media jewellery. Some media/paints can be found in smaller bottles, especially in samplers like this one or the lumiere paint in the pic above, but as for most of the products that interest me I have yet to find smaller bottles. That goes for e.g. tar gel, modelling paste, crackeling paste, sand mortar, clear granular gel etc.

It's of cause a money issue: I don't want to spend a lot of money on supplies I'm not sure if I will use often or not. But it's also about my not wanting to buy something that might get too old before I even get halfway through the jar. It feels so unnecessary.

I have found a few DIY recipes for e.g. modelling paste that might be cheaper than buying a big jar of it and you can make as much or as little as you think you need. And some stuff, like glass bead gel, feels like something I could do using the micro beads I already have in my stash.

Unfortunately, I don't know an artist who uses these media and paints or one option would be to ask to get (buy) little quantities from his/her jars. With the black gesso, my sis and I bought it together, but she isn't as interested in media as I right now. And even if she were it'd still be expensive with all the different media I want to try. So all I can do is really make do, try one thing at the time when I find it for a good price -- and hope to win a lot of money on a scratch ticket soon so I can buy all the supplies I want!

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