Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Outdoor photography with cats

When the weather allows, I like to take photos outside rather than having to rely on artificial light indoors. Indoor is often fine, but some colours are hard to get right in the way too yellow light I have available. There's just one problem: indoors, you just close a door and make sure the cats are on the other side. Outdoors, it's harder to cat proof the photo session...

Usually it's Ubbi who's in a really cuddly mood, but this time it was Jinja. Who claims she isn't disturbing at all and not understand why I don't want her to walk across the white photo background. Don't know what it is about that table that makes them so affectionate because they're never cuddlier than when I go behind the barn to the garden table and start to assemble the photo set-up.

Guess I should be lucky it was only one cat this time. But in the end I had to lure her indoors so I could take some photos undisturbed.


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