Sunday, 12 January 2014

Texture plate update

Well, so far I haven't made anything using my texture plate as I've had too much fun adding more to it. Wish I had more than one square because now I've pretty much run out of space. Since it isn't technically a texture plate with one background pattern but rather a mix of patterns and single motifs, you need a little bit of space around those motifs. Unfortunately, as I've carved the back too I can't cut out the motifs and use them as stamps.

The little doodles on the front look a bit boring, but they do look better printed into clay (I keep testing with Tack-It while I carve. Wy Tack-It? It was what I had nearby). And then you add some colour to that. Same thing with the uneven carving, which adds a nice hand-drawn touch.

The tiny bell flowers, like the one in near the bottom left corner, are fun to make and when I get my hands on a new square of linoleum substitute (believe the material I'm using is called Soft Cut) I'll fill one with those.

 The only downside to carving is that you can't always save a "derailed" cut or change something that you don't realise wasn't that great until you test it (with clay or Tack-It). As you can see in my fritillary here. In this case, I also made a second mistake by forgetting that you have to draw the motif mirrored. This flower looks better facing left than facing right, which it does when pressed into clay.

But it's not just single motifts. I enlarged the flower meadow textures on the back too, as you could see in the first picture. I'm really fond of making those glass and three-petal flowers patterns.

 To finish, just a couple of backlit pics of the texture plate.

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