Thursday, 6 May 2010

A lovely siamese

I haven't really been in the mood to write much lately, but of cause I could never abandon my blogs. So what do you do if you're not in the mood to write something special or edit flower pics to upload? Well, you find a pic or two of a special bead and do some bragging.

This is my most expensive bead and I haven't even told my family what it costed (20 USD) as I don't think they'd understand why one would pay so much for such a simple thing as a bead. Or maybe they would? Because they do understand paying for quality and beautiful things and this really is a marvelous bead.

The siamese is made by Laura Mears as part of her Animal Totems series. It's a hollow porcelain bead with hand-painted details. Very lifelike and just adorable. I chose a siamese with a typical colouring. Not that I'm especially fond of siamese cats in particular, but I really liked the colours.

This is a rather unique necklace -- normally I just keep my most expensive and exclusive beads in my "treasure chest", taking them out only to drool over them and pat them. My preciousss. But there was this colour challenge where I was challenged to make something using purple, brown and beige. And the cat was perfect so put her/him on an "antique gold" hatpin and added a lavender/mocha silk ribbon. Very simple, but a nice way of keeping the focus on the focal piece.


  1. Love this bead, and all the others in Laura's Animal Totem series. I guess my totem animal is the cat. I'd really love to own one of her beads. Your design is exactly right for such a fabulous bead.

    1. Yes, her beads are fab, aren't they? her cats are simply irresistable.


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