Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bead blog recap week 19

Yet another week of bead blogging have past. This time I've blogged about everything from DIY spiky silicone beads to nickel safety.

Nickel safe -- who can you trust?
All jewellery sold in the EU must comply with the nickel regulations, but not all beads and components made are nickel safe as they might be manufactured in countries outside of the EU, such as the US or China. When buying beads and findings, can you really trust that the products are nickel safe? Not even if buying from European bead shops can be 100 % "safe".

Which laws apply?
Depending on whether you have a company or buy as a consumer, different laws apply. Same thing with whether the seller is another individual or a company. And when shopping from abroad, you have to follow that country's laws. Konsumentköplagen, which gives the best protection for buyer, only apply when a consumer buy from a company in Sweden or the EU.

Shell pearls
Shell pearls are lovely pearl imitations made from shell and coated with a pearlescent finish.

Make personalised toggle clasps
The new Patera toggle bezels have space for you to add paper or other embellishments to your clasps.

Glass tile and cabochon pendants
How to make picture pendants or charms using glass tiles or glass domes/cabochons. Includes many different variations.

Origami jewellery
How to fold paper into unusual jewellery or beads.

Spiky silicone beads
An Italian tutorial on how to cover beads with dabs of coloured silicone. Includes a few other tips on how silicone can be used in jewellery or bead making.

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