Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bead blog recap weeks 20-21

I haven't updated Manekis Pärlblogg daily as I've done before so therefore I saw fit not to make a weekly recap now. Officially, the reason for the lost momentum is the approaching summer.

Lariats -- getting the right length and project tips
How to determine the best size for lariat necklaces along with tips on inspirational projects and ideas for how to wear them.

Crystal Golden Shadow Contest
American bead shop Mimi's Gem is holding a design contest focused on their best-selling Swarovski effect crystal Golden shadow.

Is i real silver? Tips on how to test your beads and findings
At UK Beaders Blog you can find a post on how to test if the silver findings you've bought really are sterling silver. My post adds a few tips and things to watch out for.

Bead Star 2009 & Beads 2010
Reviews of two of Interweaves special issues.

Robin Atkin's bead embroidery book free online
Robin Atkins celebrate that her first book, One Bead at the Time, has become 10 years old by making it available for free on her website. Also, she gives you the opportunity to win one of the last remaining paper copies of the book on her blog. Hurry -- you must comment on this blog post before June 1st for a chance to win!

Steampunk -- an jewellery trend with staying power
Steampunk has been around for some time now and as a trend among beaders and jewellery makers it's been in for the last couple of years. But the interest isn't fading yet: just these last months bead shops have added more steampunk-related products to their ranges and a steampunk themed beading contest is being held right now.

Laser engraved stone pendants from LillyPilly

LillyPilly has some beautiful stone pendants added to their laser engraved products.

Epoxy resin casting
Using resin in jewellery making is popular. Here you learn how to cast using epoxy resins.

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