Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Decoupaged wood beads bracelet

This is another decoupaged piece of jewellery I've made using Décopatch papers (no 287). Normally I really, really dislike elastic jewellery, but as I didn't have any good clasps I choose to string the beads on elastics so I at least could finish my project (it's a long overdue project made with beads I got from Fru Pärla).

I thought my favourite decoupage paper looked pretty good mixed with the caramel brown wooden beads. On the first close-up you can even see how the graining slightly showns through the thin paper. I left one side free so the bracelet can be worn with some beads facing up and other facing down if one prefers that.

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  1. Interesting bracelet. Three styles in one. Ithink it is ok to use elastic for this kind of large embellished beads. I'm testing covering beads with decoupage and discs would make the perfect foundation. I'll try and find some cheap discs to beautify. Or maybe those not-so-perfect semiprecious discs I have in my stash. Milla


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