Monday, 17 May 2010

Pretty rivoli backs

I just love coated glass and crystal beads. So recently, when I again could use my Visa online (stupid bank) I got some yummy rivolis. There will be more pics soon, but for today I just wanted to show two of them that have one thing in common: the coating looks just as pretty on the surface as through the crystal.

Many times the coating is not pretty on the surface -- exceptions being e.g. satin, aurora borealis, metallic blue, dorado and glacier blue -- and might even be coated with a different coloured protective finish and so it's applied on the back of a stone. The pretty changing colours are seen through the glass or crystal, not on it. But these two rivolis are bound to be used in a setting that will show both sides as they're equally pretty.

First up is the rose sphinx (yes, this rose coloured crystal does look mostly dark blue). The front of this rivoli can be seen in the beginning of this post. The back is shown above. The first thing my sis said when she saw me flip the stone over was "oh, I prefer that side!". Needless to say, my sis loves blue and not least these metallic blues.

Next is a stone I had no idea could be so pretty on the back. Because I do have crystal vitrail light facetted cabochons, but they are covered with a bronze coating on the back so I didn't see what I saw on my rivoli. The front has soft pastels, almost like a water-colour painting, but look at those gorgeous rose, peach, copper and purple tones on the back (pic below). Should add that the colours are not so intense IRL, the colours are correct but slightly lighter than they might appear in my photo. Very pretty, nontheless. I'm tempted to use this side as the front instead!

So, which side do you prefer? And which one would you use as the front? I still feel odd letting the "wrong side" be the one facing, but on the other hand the colours are too pretty to be hidden by a setting or other components/embroidery backings.

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  1. OMG! The back of the middle rivoli is absolutely gorgeous! What color exactly is that? I'd love to get a few myself. I think you should definitely use the back for that stone. Stunning!


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