Thursday, 20 May 2010

More rivoli eye candy

If you love rivoli you should definitely check out all my posts tagged rivoli. Not too long ago I wrote Why rivolis? where I wrote down a few of the things that has gotten me buying a whole bunch of rivolis by now -- and it also included a small collection of my rivoli photos so far.

I forgot one thing, though, in my list of what makes me buy these stones: when looked at or photographed straight on, the facets form a flower shape. So lovely! Just too bad bezeling the rivolis sometimes obscure the point of the petals so it no long looks anything like a flower...

Anyway, here are som pics of my latest additions to the stash:

Peridot glacier blue. Blue is not normally my colour, but I just wanted something with a summer feeling and this was it: like blue and green ocean water or a clear blue sky over a lush lawn or field.

Not really my colours either, though I prefer "duller" blues like montana to brighter ones. But I was just so curious about how rose sphinx would look. Would you believe this stone is actually rose coloured? Amazing now much a coating can change the appearance without being opaque. This is the one with the metallic blue-green back I've shown here. The front is blue with hints of green and if you tilt the bead you can see some rose and peach tones deep down in the crystal.

Ah, my tiny 12 mm crystal titan. Again, just a colour I wanted to see with my own eyes, not least as the shades have differed between the various pics of this effect I've seen online. Like a lighter version rose sphinx almost, but without the hint of rose tones.

And this stone that's a warmer version of crystal volcano (more or less) is rose cathedral. Not as much purple and blue as in crystal volcano, but more red, orange and rose tones. Lovely warm tones and I understand why many beaders like this effect.

So rose sphinx and rose cathedral are based on the same pink stone. So is this one, rose citrine. When looking at it my first thought was ametrine. If you love the colours in ametrine, you'll love rose citrine. A pretty colour blend with soft tones.

Soft are also the pastel tones of crystal vitrail light. Soft like water colour or thin flower petals with hints of lilac, pink, aqua and baby blue. The photo in the beginning of this post is a (slightly dark) sideview of this stone.

And yet another rose stone. This is rose starlight, which has a metallic coating on top of the stone that makes it hard to capture. Pinkish and purple on the surface with hints of yellow gold. And if looking "into the stone" it has a tone of old rose. Below is a second pic, which capture the golden shine better.

Most of the stones are 18 mm and I do prefer 16 or 18 mm as they show the colours better, but some stones I've only found in 14 mm. Better than nothing I suppose, but I'd love to have e.g. rose starlight or topaz glacier blue in larger stones.

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