Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Job's tears and flint

Sometimes I'm a prolific blogger, other times I'm not. Right now I feel rather prolific. Perhaps becasue I got the inspiration to bead again? Anyway, I just wanted to write about this pic before I prepare for tonight's handball (it's Sweden vs. Argentina today).

I'm planning to write about Job's tears/adlai/croixseed/pearl barley on my other blog so I got out this thriftstore find for a photo session. Doing so, I passed by the heap of tumbled flint my sis has laying around as we can't decide whether to keep it matte and smooth or go through the next couple of steps in the tumbling process to give them a high polish. And I thought: that flint matches the adlai beads. So I took a pic of them together.

Not sure I'll actually make something using this combination of materials, but I like the soft stone against the silvery white of the adlai. You can't see it in the pic, but several of the flintstones have white patches that even more so make them blend in with the seeds.

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