Monday, 24 January 2011

A photo from yesterday

I spent yesterday taking a lot of pics, but haven't really had time yet to select and edit a handful to publish on the blog. There are other things I have to do -- and then I have to follow the Men's Handball World Championship (from the telly: I know they play more or less nearby, but I do prefer watching sports at home). Sweden's ready for the semi-finals, yay!

But, anyway, I just wanted to show one pic I have edited. Rather moody. As you can see, almost all of the snow has melted away. Not like last year went the winter seemed neverending. Hope you like it: there's more coming soon.


  1. HI

    Just noticed that you left a comment on my blog! You have much less snow than us... we are enjoying storm number 7 in 8 weeks... The NE is really getting hit this winter!

    Just read your blog on Kitty litter... Or should I say Google translators rather humorous attempt at translating it! I've never used it but have thought about colouring metals in it .... finding the stuff in the morning would be my big issue!

    Fellow bead souper! Lynne aka islandgirl

  2. Yes, we were lucky (depending on how you see it) to have most of the snow melting away early this year. Not like last winter. But on the other hand it's not always a good thing as the snow thaws during day and then freezes to ice during night. I've alread had one painful accident, slipping on the ice...

    (Also, our roof is leaking in one place which is ok as long as it's below zero: now it's dripping water more or less every day...)

    I've actually never tried the kitty litter method personally, but it's one of those methods you just can't help to be fascinated by because it's so, well, different.


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