Monday, 10 January 2011

New beginnings: my entry for the Vintaj January challenge

Today, you can begin voting for your favourite challenge entry at the Vintaj blog. Check them out here.

This is my entry, which I'm of cause hoping will be considered good enough to earn a few votes. As you can see, I used the bezelled #2102 Swarovski stone from this post to make it.

At first I planned on making another piece for this challenge, based on a sort of abstract idea of a new beginning, placed far, far away from me on a grand scale (the birth of a star -- I'll keep the idea for another project). But after all the new energy I got from making my beaded bezels, I realized I wanted to create something based on a more personal interpretation of the theme.

I've suffered from beading block, lacking inspiration and energy to make jewellery, for months now. Then, as I've written about in the above mentioned blog post, just before Christmas I participated in a colour challenge of a forum and decided to make a beaded bezel. That was like opening a flood gate, it's so addictive. I choose to incorporate one of the bezels I made during this period of flow in a necklace. The focal piece features 15/0 bronze seed beads, a #2102 vintage Swarovski stone in crystal tabac and two floral Fastenables suspended by a pretty textured chain. With the new year came a fresh start, a new beginning, for me as a beader.

This is a short necklace, almost choker lenght, so the chain doesn't show much in the front. I am thinking about making it slightly longer, but at the sime time I feel it looks pretty nice as it is. The lenght is more or less perfect if you don't have a low neckline.

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  1. Hi. I am stopping by blogs participating in Lori Bead Soup and looking at everyone's beautiful work. Can't wait to see what you create.


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