Saturday, 29 January 2011

My bead soup -- with pics

Ok, finally some pictures! Here's the pretty Polish present (sorry about the alitteration) I got earlier this week from my bead soup partner Joanna. My bead soup beads came in a lovely gift bag, as you can see above, and this is what I found when I unfolded the floral tissue paper inside it:

A soft, romantic mix in creme, bronze, pink and brown. Three glass cabochons, glass buttons, cotton lace, bronze-coloured wavy spacers and clasp plus ceramic beads. Though many people say I have a romantic style, neither lace nor pink is something I use very often nowadays. But I still like it, when balanced with the vintage-feel or bronze and brown (as it is here), so it'll be both a challenge and a pleasure to work with this bead soup.

I kind of already know how I want to use the angel cab and lace, just have to figure out a few details first. I think I have just the right beads to make a bezel. Hope I can make a design that will do your them justice, Joanna, and big thanks for your lovely gift!

PS! Don't miss Joanna's blog, Biżuteria z filcu. She makes lovely jewellery using colourful beads and felt (hence the name of her blog). If you're curious about what I gave her, then you can find a sketchy sneakpeak here.

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  1. Looks supernice Kristina. Romantic with the trim/ribbon on one hand and tough with the metal and that big round thing on the other. Exciting!


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