Saturday, 1 January 2011

New year's eve

Yesterday was foggy, very unlike new year's eve 2009, but the weather the night before was really what urged me to go for a walk with my camera. Supercooling it's called (or underkylt regn in Swedish). It rains eventhough it's below zero on the ground and as a result, the rain drops freeze to ice when they land. So basically everything was covered in bumpy ice yesterday, from the car windows to the grass.

Last night, new year's eve, then temperature went up and fog turned into rain. It also got really windy so through the evening and night it was quite noisy as the ice from the trees blew off and struck the steel paneling on our house.

That last pic might look like some tangled plant, but it's actually a small bundle of chicken wire.

I'm not always very attentive: at first I thought it was just a black leaf or something on the branch of the horse chestnut. Turned out to be a very still blackbirds. They are not as shy as many of the smaller birds so therefore easier to photograph.

The birches didn't really appreciate the ice, which weighed down their fragile branches. But checking on them today, they've survived it more or less unharmed. I fear more for the boxwood hedges, covered in heavy snow and ice right now.

These pics might be a tad dark. It was getting darker as the afternoon wore on and the fog got denser. Forgot to change my camera settings as well... But they still look nice, I hope.

Junipers look lovely covered in snow. I think these are my favourite pics of the day, especielly the second one of the three.

The colours got a bit strange when I edited the second pic, but I like it so I kept the way it was. For those not familiar with hunting, I probably should explain what that wooden construction is, but I can't find the right words in English. It's really just a place for the hunter to sit and wait for the moose or roe deers.

But didn't I say it was a foggy day? Aye, it was. Very foggy.

Today the landscape has altered again as all the ice on the trees thawed and blew away. The sun has been shining and it's been windy. And the only thing covered in ice is the ground as the rain froze again. So if I want to capture the lovely winter scenes, it's impossible to wait even a day. It can change so fast and if you procrastinate that walk in the forest, you'll miss it.

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  1. How lovely! Thanks for braving the weather to get these pictures, and thank you for sharing them!


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