Sunday, 30 January 2011

Oh, crap...

Yesterday I discovered that my photos on this blog doesn't always look as crisp as they do on my monitor. I was, for the first time, viewing my blog on my sisters computer. She has an old monitor. Watching my pics on that, I saw several photos still had a yellow tint, not the crisp white background I see... It really made me sad as I want my blog to feel airy and fresh, I don't want any border between the blog background and the photo background. It should all be white. But now it turns out it isn't. Not always. And I'm pretty upset about it.

What now? Try and find out which of all my hundreds of pics doesn't look good on my sis's computer and redo them? It's just a little extra tweaking, but it's all jpeg files and that means each time I edit and save the pic, it loses in quality. It deteriorates. And apart from that it's an enormous task. I have to live with this, try to think more about it in the future and accept the old pics, I guess. Will change the pics in my last entry though.


  1. i don't get it. How can the same image, in jpg-format look different on different screens? It can't have anything to do with YOUR way of saving it or editing it. It must be all to do with her screen.

    How weird. I mean it is the same image, the same original, all screens around the world are pointing to the same source. That photo you uploaded to blogspot when you made the post.

    I would like to ask someone who know how these things work, an internet specialist, a web-site builder, an html expert, .... you know what i mean.

    One idea could be that her screen just doesn't have as many colours as the newer ones. So basically when your screen manages to perform 100 colours, hers perform only, let's say, four. It would have to choose the one closest to what is possible.

    That is the only reason I can think of. But really I think that old screens are very uncommon nowadays. Should you really worry about it? Just make shure that when you edit photos in the future you make shure the white in the image is really white. I wouldn't worry about the past.

    Good Luck.

  2. Well, I think that's the point, really: what looked white for me really was a very, very pale yellow. So pale it looked white on my screen, which shows colours brighter, but on her old screen that turned into an ugly almost amber yellow cast. That slight tint showed up very dark. That slight yellow was bad enough, but if more people than her have a problem with the pics having such a dark colour cast...

    I just thought I could trust my eyes and the Picasa tool (don't know the name of it, but it corrects the white balance). I should've been more careful and really check if the white was white. And I think, the thing that really worries me is that the pics on my blogs are just for fun, but I also send pics of entries in contests -- pics that I want to make sure look good for the judges.

    One thing I'm going to try is to install my old PSE 2 on this computer -- if it works -- because I think it's easy to mistake a pale tint for white when you can't scale down the pic (I can't do that in Picasa). When I export and shrink the pic using Picasa, a pale tint like this intensifies and I miss that because I can't preview that scaled-down version. Also, in PSE, Photo Filtre etc I can add a white border and use e.g. the pipette tool to really check that the background is white, not just 99,9 % white. Because white is white, off-white can look different on different monitors.

    They always talk about calibrating monitors, but I've also read that the colour of the wall behind your computer can alter how you perceive a colour. Like when wearing sunshades, our eyes adapt to background colours. I face a really ugly chocolate brown wallpaper with white and pink flowers with chrysolite foliage. (just as "pretty" as it sounds...) Not exactly a neutral backdrop.

    Well, at least I'm less upset by it now. I've cooled down. And I will be checking my edited pics better in the future! And in the end, I just keep my fingers crossed most people don't end up with those ugly yellow pics my sis get when viewing my blog.

    Thanks for your concern, Malin. And, yes, I will try and forget about the old pics even though it irks me. Why worry about things I can't really change now, right?


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