Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party sneakpeak

Well, I haven't blogged much lately. At least partially because I've felt a bit down. I do have photos I want to show, things to tell. Right now I've actually began experimenting with embroidery and I'm doing some vinegar patination, for example. I will also write more about BSBP and my partner, Sue of Hello Gorgeous in Wales (I envy the Welsh because they have a dragon on their flag, unlike ours). But until then, as an interlude, I'm showing you this sneakpeak of the bead soup I sent Sue, who is at the moment enjoying a holiday by the sea.

It's a pretty simple colour scheme -- and slightly unusual for being me. Perhaps more summer than autumn. In any case, I hope it will be well received and I'm really looking forward to seeing what Sue will make of it. And in my eyes at least, both the focal and the clasp are very versatile so I won't even try to guess how she will use them. And will she had any colours, perhaps make it more "season appropriate", or stick with my simple palette? So many questions, so many days before I -- and you -- will find out.

I'm not telling you what beads I sent -- of cause, since it will be a surprise for Sue -- but I can tell you this much: it includes components from five different countries, if I'm not mistaken.

For those of you not in the BSBP, I might add that the reveal/blog party/blog hop date is September 17 and this time there will be well over 300 bloggers participating (*checks up number: ah, yes, 362 to be exact*). Party host worthy of all sorts of compliments is the amazing Lori Anderson of the Pretty Things blog. You can read more about the Bead Soup Blog Party here.


  1. Nice teaser there! What a wonderful idea to include beads from so many continents. Hope you are having a good day

  2. I like to get beads from all over the world, but it was just afterwards I realised I'd put together a soup with beads from so many different countries (five countries, only two continents).

    And now that I know my soup's arrived I can name the countries too without revealing too much: France, Japan, the Czech republic, India and China. Perhaps with the exception of France, not big surprise. Most beads come from countries with well-known bead and pearl industries.


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