Friday, 5 August 2011

Violet drops earrings

 And for those of you not interested in kitties, here's a pair of earrings I made up a few years back. I had had the idea for some time before actually trying it out. It all began when I saw Lea Rose Nowicki's Looking Great Coming and Going earrings in BeadStyle. The thing that made her earrings stand out was that she'd added dangles not only to the stud itself, but also to the nut. I thought it looked fun.

Looking at it, I also remembered how people using earrings -- I don't myself, haven't pierced my ears -- often complained about losing the nuts and therefore didn't particularly like stud earrings. Well, I thought why not take Lea's idea but instead of using two seperate dangles, make just one than extended from the loop on the stud to the loop on the nut. That way it'd be impossible to lose the nut. Sure, it can still fall of the post, but if it does you still know where to find it.

I never have much chain laying around so I thought this one could make due for my experiment. Then I just added some drop beads to keep it simple. I'm sure the idea could be developed and evolve into nicer designs than this one.


  1. HI, this is Lea and I love what you have done with my idea! So glad that I inspired you to improve on my design and really make it you own. Keep up the beautiful work and I hope we can both inspire someone else to come up with something as equally cool and creative. Happy beading...Lea Rose Nowicki.

  2. Thank you -- both for your comment and the inspiration that led up to these earrings! I haven't thought about them for a long time, but now you reminded me, I began to think of doing a couple of new versions.


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